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Plastic Spray Bottle – Your Essential Cleaning Companion

Introducing the Plastic Spray Bottle, a versatile and essential tool for all your cleaning needs. This durable PE bottle is designed to make your cleaning tasks more efficient and convenient.

Key Features:

  • Colour Coded Heads: The spray bottle comes with colour-coded heads to prevent cross-contamination. This smart feature ensures that you can use different cleaning solutions without mixing them up, maintaining a hygienic cleaning process.
  • Adjustable Spray Nozzles: Customize your spraying experience with adjustable spray nozzles. Whether you need a fine mist or a focused stream, this spray bottle offers versatility to suit your specific cleaning requirements.
  • Durable PE Bottle: Made from durable polyethylene (PE), this bottle is built to withstand the rigors of daily cleaning tasks. It’s designed to last, making it a reliable choice for both residential and commercial use.

The Plastic Spray Bottle simplifies your cleaning routine, allowing you to tackle various surfaces and messes with ease. The colour-coded heads help you stay organized and maintain a high level of cleanliness, while the adjustable spray nozzles provide the flexibility you need for effective cleaning.

Whether you’re disinfecting, sanitizing, or simply refreshing your living or working space, this spray bottle is a must-have accessory. It’s suitable for a wide range of cleaning solutions, making it a versatile tool in your cleaning arsenal.

Make cleaning a breeze with the Plastic Spray Bottle. Order yours today and experience the convenience and efficiency it brings to your cleaning tasks.

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